Description of Services
A Resource for Applied Behavior Analysis
in Autism Spectrum, Developmental and Behavior Disorders


We are highly committed to applying state-of-the-art techniques with established scientific effectiveness since these are mostly likely to lead to efficient improvements in skill and behavior. Data-based assessment and treatment are utilized to objectively evaluate progress and outcome. Behavioral assessment and treatment plans are implemented in natural settings to enhance progress, thus we introduce and supervise services in home, school and community settings to gain the best understanding of identified behaviors and ensure generalization to “real life” settings. We provide educational advocacy, parent/staff training, supported inclusion, collaboration with related professionals, and attendance at Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) meetings to promote integration of services.

To avoid overextending our services thus compromising service delivery, effectiveness and program integrity, we maintain small caseloads to provide the utmost attention and remain abreast of research-based developments in our field. We find this gives our clients ready access to consultation and provides the intensity required by many individuals with autism spectrum or behavior disorders.

As part of our best-practice intervention services, we offer Clinic Based services for families seeking quality Applied Behavior Analysis intervention for their child.  Our Registered Behavior Technician staff support these services under Dr. Barbin’s clinical supervision.  Our technicians are trained in Behavioral Directions LLC’s ABA methods and intervention procedures.  After an initial assessment, sessions are scheduled in our clinic on a weekly basis. After school and weekend sessions are offered.  All sessions are in 1:1 ratio with opportunities for peer interactions in our clinic, based on availability.


Our Referrals are Focused in the Following Areas:

  • Set-up / Supervision of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Programming (in clinic or home settings) with Emphasis in Verbal Behavior
  • Reduction of Difficult Behaviors / Functional Behavioral Assessment for Behavior Replacement
  • Evaluation of Learning Needs/Placement and Transition Planning
  • Supervision for those seeking licensure in psychology or board certification in behavior analysis (BCBA / BCaBA).

Contact us at or 703.855.4032 for New Referrals and/or to receive a Client Information Booklet and Fee Schedule.

Helping children with autism

Other Service Components

  • School / Home Behavioral Observations and Treatment Sessions
  • Data-based Monitoring and Follow-up
  • School and Agency Needs Assessment for Development
  • Workshops and Speaking Engagements
  • Collaboration with Other Professionals
  • Advocacy and Attendance at I.E.P. meetings

Contact us at or 703.855.4032 for New Referrals and/or to receive a Client Information Booklet and Fee Schedule.

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