Managing Behavior to Improve Your Child’s Potential (Part 3 of Series)

Is My Child’s BIP Working? By: Dr. Jane Barbin, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA In our recent newsletters, we have explored the meaning and process for conducting a Functional Behavioral Assessment and creating the very best Behavior Intervention Plan for a child with problem behavior.   Awareness of the components involved and skill in conducting both of [...]

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Managing Behavior to Improve Your Child’s Potential (Part 2 of Series)

Creating the Best BIP for Your Child By: Dr. Jane Barbin, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA   In our last newsletter, we introduced the concept of conducting a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) to identify the “reasons” problem behaviors occur.  Once the FBA is created and a function or functions have been identified, the team next determines [...]

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Managing Behavior to Improve Your Child’s Potential (Part 1 of Series)

So, What is an FBA?By: Dr. Jane Barbin, PhD, BCBA-D, LBAIt is important to be informed, as a parent and educator, when a child is displaying behavioral challenges.  Of course, this can directly impact the child’s ability to perform in the most inclusive way and to make meaningful and optimal gains for lifetime success.Across various [...]

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ABA Clinic Space Open- Contact Us for a Screening!

Behavioral Directions, a consulting firm serving individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, challenging behavior and related developmental disabilities, is pleased to announce that spaces are available in its ABA Clinic Sessions. Through these one-to-one sessions, Behavioral Directions seeks to guide families in the use of science-based procedures, with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at the foundation of [...]

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ABA Sessions in Our Clinic (Herndon) Now Available!

Now offering quality ABA services in our clinic!  To better meet the needs of our families, we now offer 2 hour office sessions (2 session/week minimum).  We offer daily, after school and weekend sessions.  All sessions are in 1:1 ratio with our dedicated ABA technician.  Space is immediately available for those who meet prerequisite criteria.  Alena Abalikhina, B.S. facilitates [...]

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Executive Functioning: Unstuck and On Target!© Group in Session

Our Executive Functioning - Unstuck and On Target!© Flexibility and Problem Solving Group is underway.  We are maintaining an interest list for future groups.     This group is designed to help children who struggle with the area called Executive Functioning by building skills using behavioral methods to shape replacement, coping skills.  Dr. Barbin and Tania Herrera [...]

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Dr. Barbin Presents an Invited Address on Ethics at the 2016 Missouri ABA Conference

Dr. Barbin will present an invited workshop on "Raising the Bar: Professional and Ethical Behavior in Applied Practice" at the Missouri Association for Behavior Analysis annual conference on Saturday, November 19, 2016.  She will highlight tools for behavior analysts, related educators, administrators and caregivers to increase effective communication for client outcomes, ensure training procedures that [...]

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Enrollment Open: Fall 2016 Unstuck and On Target Group!

Now enrolling for our Fall 2016 Unstuck and On Target! Flexibility Group (Starts 8/26) in Herndon.  Do you know someone who gets stuck and is disorganized?  Are they unable to come up with a "Plan B" when something unexpected occurs?   Schedule a free screening today.  The group will be facilitated by Dr. Jane Barbin and [...]

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Flexibility and Problem Solving- Build Your Child’s Skills

Coming to Northern VA!  Stay tuned for more information on our Unstuck and On Target!© Social Intervention & Flexibility Training Group Spring 2015 Registration Coming Soon (Herndon location). Group size will be limited and we expect to fully enroll the group.  Contact Us for more information. Want to learn more about autism, ABA, or managing problem [...]

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Biking with a Purpose!

Autism Fundraiser - More Inspiration:  Biking with a Purpose In the last dog days of summer a local group took to the streets to raise autism awareness.  Taking part in the 2015 Bike to the Beach event, Dr. Socrates Trujillo and Chris Tarbrake rallied support of their community as they trekked 11 hours on bike through the Mid-Atlantic [...]

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