Now enrolling for our Fall 2016 Unstuck and On Target! Flexibility Group (Starts 8/26) in Herndon.  Do you know someone who gets stuck and is disorganized?  Are they unable to come up with a “Plan B” when something unexpected occurs?   Schedule a free screening today.  The group will be facilitated by Dr. Jane Barbin and staff.  In this 15-week group, participants will learn what flexibility is and why it is important.

Who Should Attend?  7-11 year olds who have executive functioning needs, are verbal and have average cognitive skills.  Those with at least a 2nd grade language and reading level are optimal.

When?  August 26th – December 2nd (Fridays, 4:15-5:15PM)

We received high parent satisfaction ratings for our Spring groups and are now screening for our Fall group.   We are excited to offer this research-supported intervention for children with executive functioning (EF) challenges including those with Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD in the Northern Virginia  area.   Space is limited.  Contact our office at or (703) 855-4032 to schedule a screening today!